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Egersund - Klepp

Section 7

When you cycle from Egersund to Jæren and Klepp, you will cycle from slightly steep winding roads until it feels like the whole landscape opens up when you get past Brusand and to Jæren. Here there will be high skies, blue horizons and an endless sea. An incredibly beautiful light and miles of sandy beaches and beaches with only pebbles that rumble in waves. Here you will also enter parts of the National Tourist Route Jæren. It stretches from Ogna and Bore and is 41 km long.

Map of this section in the link below

You can visit the link via desktop or mobile phone. You can eve print the map.

Easy trip
0-75 masl
66.1 km
Screenshot 2022-10-14 at 12.21.34.png

Experiences and activities along the route

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