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Learning by doing

Vitengarden is an exciting science centre and museum located at Nærbø and Jæren, one of the largest agicultural areas in Norway. Interactive exhibitions outdoor and indoor lets you discover topics such as agriculture, modern food production, energy, technology, science and nature. Here is also a museum farm with many different farm animals, and hay to jump and play in.

At Vitengarden, visitors are invited to be active and to explore natural science and history in new and engaging ways. Where does our food come from – and how long do you have to ride a bicycle to get rid of it? Can you pack cheese faster than a robot? And how do you make perfect biogas? Are you able to stand still in a hurricane? Explore this and much more at Vitengarden.

The exhibitions are both indoor and outdoor. Some of the most popular activities are the wind machine, the water experiments, the dark tunnel and the farm animals.

Vitengarden also has one of the largest collections of agricultural machinery in Norway. In one of the exhibitions, you can study over 30 different tractors – from the first tractor dating from around 1910 to tractors produced in the 1960s.

In spring and summer, barbecues are available for visitors. A cafe offering warm and cold dishes as well as refreshing drinks, ice creams and cakes are onsite.

Address: Kviavegen 99, 4365 NÆRBØ

Phone: +47 47 77 60 20

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