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3 reccommended round trips


Kristiansand – Nordsjøvegen – Sandnes – Ålgård – Byrkjedal – Tjørhom - Suleskarvegen - Brokke – Bygland - Evje – Kristiansand. Duration approx. (recommended time). 5 -7 days.
Total approx. 649 km

Start your trip in Kristiansand and follow 456, direction Vågsbygd. Follow Fv44, Nordsjøvegen to Sandnes. See your own travel description of Nordsjøvegen.
When arriving at Sandnes, follow the E39 to Ålgård and take off to Sirdal, Rv45 and up Suleskarvegen to Rysstad in Telemark. Here, an Rv9 runs down to Bygland and along Byglandsfjorden to Evje and on to Kristiansand.


Kristiansand – Nordsjøvegen til Stavanger – Rennesøy – Bokn – Karmøy – Haugesund – Røldal-  Haukeligrend – Hovden -  Bykle - Brokke – Bygland –Evje – Kristiansand.
Duration approx: 7-10 days.
Total approx 863 km.

Start your trip in Kristiansand and follow Nordsjøvegen (see separate description) to Haugesund. Then follow E134 via Røldal to Haukeligrend. Then follow the signs for the Rv9 direction Evje and Hovden: Then follow rv9 to Bykle, Rysstad, Bygland, Evje and back to Kristiansand.


Kristiansand – Nordsjøvegen – Stavanger – Haugesund – Røldal -  Haukeligrend – Hovden – Flateland – Høydalsmo -  Seljord -  Bø i Telemark -  Gvarv – Ulefoss – Langesund -  Kragerø – Arendal – Kristiansand.

Duration approx: 10-14 days.

Total approx 1249 km.

Start your trip in Kristiansand and follow Nordsjøvegen (see separate description) to Haugesund. Then follow E134 via Røldal to Haukeligrend, Høydalsmo, Morgedal and Seljord. Then follow the sign Rv36 to Skien og Bø. Drive along Seljordsvatnet and Seljordveien to Bø in Telemark, via Ulefos, Skien. Then take RV32 direction Porsgrund and on to Eidanger. Take one off on the E18 direction Kristiansand. Here we recommend a stop in the white southern villages Kragerø, Risør. Tvedestrand, Arendal, Grimstad and Lillesand, before returning to Kristiansand.


Accommodation and activities along the round trips

Descripion of the North Sea Route

The loveliest drive between Kristiansand and Haugesund is to follow the North Sea Route – the APPROX 450-km route along the sea.

Westwards from Kristiansand
Follow the E39 road from Kristiansand, in the direction of Vågsbygd. Then follow the FV456 road on to Søgne, and the FV204 road that takes you back to the E39 road. Then turn towards Flekkefjord, and follow the road to the centre of Mandal. Drive on to Sånum and follow the Hogganvikveien road via Lunde until you rejoin the E39 road. Then follow the E39 road towards Stavanger. Drive to the roundabout in Vigeland where you see a copy of Lindesnes Lighthouse. Take the Rv460 road to Lindesnes Lighthouse. Drive approx. 15 km until you get to Spangereid. From here, you follow the Fv401 to Lyngdal, and then the Fv43 road to Farsund in the direction of Vanse and Lista Lighthouse. Then drive back a bit and turn up to the left and follow the Rv463 road to Vanse. Here you join the Fv43 road until you meet the Fv465 road and the sign to Åpta, where you join the E39 road which you follow to the centre of Flekkefjord. From here, you follow the Fv44 road towards Sokndal and to Egersund. Follow the Fv44 road to Vigre in Hå. There, you take the Fv507 road and follow the signs to Orre on the left. Follow the Fv510 road until you get to Bore, then the signs towards Sola. At Tjelta, turn left at the sign for Vigedal. Follow the signs to Ølberg to the left, and take the first road to the right. Drive to the T-intersection where you turn left, drive between the airport and the sea until you meet the Rv509 road and again turn left. Follow the Rv509 road past Snøde and Kvernevik to Randaberg. Join the Kyrkjeveien road and follow the signs to the E39 road. Follow the E39, towards Haugesund/Bergen. You now follow the E39 road through subsea tunnels to Rennesøy and to the ferry from Mortavika that takes you to Arsvågen on Bokn. We recommend you take a detour to Finnøy when you are in Rennesøy. Follow the signs. When you have passed Vestre and Austre Bokn, follow the E39 road and then turn onto the Rv47 road towards Karmøy and Haugesund. In the middle of the subsea tunnel, you follow the signs to Haugesund on the Rv47 road. We recommend a detour to Karmøy and Skudeneshavn.

South from Haugesund
Follow the F47 road from Haugesund towards Karmøy/Skudeneshavn.
Follow Rv47 signs to Stavanger. We recommend a detour to Karmøy/Skudeneshavn. Follow the E39 road through Bokn, and take the ferry from Arsvågen to Mortavika on Rennesøy. We recommend you take a detour to Finnøy. Follow the signs. Then follow the E39 road towards Stavanger. When you get out of the tunnel in Randaberg, take the first exit onto Randabergveien road. Take a left turn onto Goaveien road. At the next roundabout, take the third exit onto Kyrkjeveien road. Then follow the signs towards Sola airport. Turn right at Sømme towards Sola Airport and drive between the beach and airport to the next junction. Turn right here towards Ølberg and follow the signs to Tjelta, where you turn onto the Rv510 road. Turn right towards Klepp. After Bore Church, you meet the Fv507 road and turn right towards Orre. From here, you follow the Fv44 road towards Egersund and Sokndal all the way to Flekkefjord. Then follow the E39 road to Kvinesdal. Right after the bridge, turn right onto the Fv465 road in the direction of Farsund. Then follow the signs to Åpta and on to Farsund. Then follow the Fv43 road to Lyngdal. At Alleen, follow the sign to the right for Spangereid. Then you meet the Fv460, which goes to Lindesnes Lighthouse. Follow the Fv460 road eastwards to the centre of Vigeland, and join the E39 road to the east and follow the signs in the direction of Kristiansand. Follow the signs that take you to the centre of Mandal. Then take the E39 road to the east and turn right at the sign for Tregde. Follow the signs towards Valand, but turn right at Harkmark Church and follow the signs to Ålo and Lunde. You drive under the E39 road, then immediately turn right and you meet the Fv456 road. Turn right on this road and follow it all the way to Kristiansand.

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