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Sageneset cabins, Sirdal

Oppdatert: 24. jan. 2023

Sirdalen summer and winter provide nature experiences you will never forget!

Sirdal - nature calls. Mountain hiking, Norway's most beautiful motorcycle road, wild reindeer and 5,000 sheep in untouched nature. Here there is varied hiking terrain for the whole family. Flat expanses with groomed trails, or steep slopes with ski lifts for those who want it. Sageneset is the place where you can stay, whether you want to sit in the sun wall with the cabin, or take on the challenges nature offers. Maybe a summit trip? Kjerag?

At Sageneset Feriesenter, you live close to some of Norway's best wilderness. Beavers swim in the river, moose graze in the forest and you can meet wild reindeer in the mountains. If you want a wilderness experience, this could be the right place. Our cabins have a rough wilderness feel on the outside and have a high standard otherwise.

All the cabins have a rustic feel on the outside and a high standard inside with all facilities. We have cabins for 6-8 people. Apartments for 10 – 12 people.

There is a great indoor pool in its own building, with a large changing room and sauna. We also have a jacuzzi outside for guests to use. Large outdoor area.

Adresse Nesset, 4443 Tjørhom. GPS: N 58° 54.964’, E 6° 54.510’

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Tel.: +47 38 37 13 00 / +47 975 03 777


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