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Karmøy - Haugesund 

Haugesund and Karmøy both have memories of the era of sailing ships and lots of Viking history. Haugesund is centrally located in the area where Harald Hairfair united Norway into one kingdom. The charming town has an idyllically situated center by the Smedasundet sound, where you will find everything a town should have. Karmøy is living history, real coastal culture, dramatic ocean and silky sandy beaches. Skudeneshavn is the island's southernmost point and here you get real memories of a bygone era, while the city is alive and well. Along Karmøy you get the sea right in and here it can be quite windy, especially along the west side of the island. Nor can you cycle past fantastic Avaldsnes - Norway's oldest royal seat, and its history. Olavskirken church, Nordvegen History Center and Viking Farm invite you to dive into historical experiences.


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Moderate trip
0-75 masl
48.6 km
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Experiences and activities along the route

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