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The tang of salty sea air

Oppdatert: 9. des. 2022

Wandering barefoot where the ocean meets the shore gives you a unique peace of mind.

Along the North Sea Route, you will find one tempting beach after the other. The waves have broken on these sandy and pebble beaches since time immemorial. You will find beaches all the way up the coast from Southern Norway - with just the occasional break.

“Walking on the beach is like being at one with nature. The ocean gives energy and vitality. The ocean’s presence creates harmony and balance, and gives you a special peace of mind. But the ocean is also temperamental - mild like a gentle summer breeze, or angry, implacable and dangerous when wild foaming waves break far up the shore.

Sjøsanden Beach Perhaps Norway’s most famous beach? Sjøsanden, approximately 800 metres long, lines the seaward approach to Mandal. Solastranden beach has been ranked as one of the best beaches in the world by Sunday Times. It is a popular destination for excursions and for swimming, and for wind and water sports. It is a 2.3-kilometre-long sandy beach with sand dunes.

Åkrasanden beach was voted Norway›s finest beach in 2014. The beach area at Åkra actually consist of eight beaches - all with inviting white sand and clean, clear water. A nature and culture trail connects the beaches to Ferkingstad, two to three km further south. It makes a fine walk on which you can see distinctive vegetation and exciting traces of the area›s history. Åkrasanden is famous for its flora. The area contains both species that are typical for sand dunes and some rarer flowers that only grow a few places in Norway.

The bird life is also very rich at Åkrasanden beach at some times of year. Migratory birds use the area as a resting place, finding food among the seaweed on the beaches.

bystranda beach in kristiansand. Shopping, sun and swimming - almost like in Barcelona. Bystranda is a nice sandy beach with swim pier, sun deck and palm trees - ideal for children. In addition, there are separate bathing ramp for the disabled. Also a waterpark and hotel right on the beach. The beach has blue flag.

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