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Up close experiences

Your body has settled into a rhythm now. You are moving briskly along on tarmac or gravel roads. Through woods, over hills and through open country.

The whole of the North Sea cycle route is 6,000 kilometres long and goes through the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Since 2003, the route has held the Guinness world record as the world’s longest continuous signposted cycle route.

Choose one of the most beautiful stretches, between Egersund and Sola in (also called Jærruta). You will cycle along the beaches of Jæren in a light that has inspired both painters, photographers, and writers. If you want a longer trip, you can continue northwards to Stavanger and Haugesund, or the opposite way towards Kristiansand in Southern Norway.  

Spend the nights in hotels and small guest houses, lighthouses, and cabins, or at campsites. You will find plenty of eateries along the way, many which base their menus on local produce. And why not do as the locals – buy a bag of shrimp and eat them on white bread with mayo on the pier?

Cycling the North Sea Route is a fantastic way of exploring the southern part of Western Norway. The journey is an experience in itself and it gives you both physical and mental training. Signposted cycling routes all the way from Kristiansand to Haugesund make it possible for you to cycle to skerries and fjords, to small towns and cities - always in beautiful natural surroundings.

Experiences and activities along the route

There are loads of activities along the route. There are things to do for families, for adventurous travellers, for nature lovers and for culture
Deep-sea fishing, rafting, walking, concerts, ballets and festivals, museums and swimming on long white sandy beaches are just a few of the many activities you can enjoy along the route. Shopping in the city means you have many well-known brands to choose from, while, in the small towns, you can hunt for bargains in unique specialist shops and souvenir shops.

Safety on two wheels
When cycling on the roads in Norway, the same rules and road signs apply to you as to cars and other vehicles:
• Keep to the right.
• Give way to those coming from your right.
• Do not drink and bike.

You may cycle on the pavement but adapt your speed.
You may not cycle on motorways and dual carriageways.
Only children under the age of 10 may be carried as passengers.
Always wear a helmet when cycling. A high visibility vest is a good idea, especially on busy roads.

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