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Coastal pilgrimage site

Oppdatert: 14. des. 2022

A spectacular and beautiful journey along the coast - a saga from Viking to pilgrim.

The journey starts in Egersund and ends at the national shrine Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.Both Norwegian and foreign pilgrims made the pilgrimage along the coast to Nidaros, which was the most important pilgrimage destination in Northern Europe until the Reformation in 1537.

Today, this is a journey that offers wonderful nature experiences in wild and beautiful coastal areas with enormous historical and cultural values.A journey that touches, regardless of whether it is for a day or several weeks.

Today, most people combine their journeys along the Kystpilgrimsleia with boat, bus and walking.Yes, even bicycles can be used on some of the sections.

Traveling through Rogaland, there are five key places where pilgrims get their passports stamped.From the south: Egersund, Hå old vicarage / Obrestad lighthouse, Stavanger, Utstein and Avaldsnes.Norway's oldest royal seat, Avaldsnes, is one of four regional pilgrimage centers along the Kystpilegrimsleia.Karmsundet was formerly the main thoroughfare to the important royal seat located at Avaldsnes.It was also this shipping lane – Nordvegen – that gave Norway its name. Avaldsnes was the royal farm of Harald Hårfagre and his descendants.Håkon Håkonsson built the royal church around 1250, and consecrated it to Olav the Saint.Olav's Church became an important stop for pilgrims to Nidaros and there are many exciting traces of the cult of Olav.

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