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Museums at Karmøy

Oppdatert: 8. des. 2022

Karmøy has four summer-open museums that tell the story over the past hundreds of years


The museum in Mælandsgården tells about Skudeneshavn, which grew out of herring fishing. Åkrehamn Coastal Museum and Karmøy Fishing Museum tell the story of the coastal culture and the fishing that has been so important to Karmøy. At Visnes was Norway's largest copper works. The Nordvegen History Center presents Norway's history through over 3,500 years, and you can experience exciting Viking encounters outdoors at the Viking farm.

Visnes Gruvemuseum (copper works museum)

Visnes copper works were the largest and most modern in Northern Europe at the end of the 19th century. Did you know that copper from Visnes mines has shaped the very symbol of the USA: the Statue of Liberty!

Skudeneshavn museum

In the middle of the beautiful, listed wooden housing development in old Skudeneshavn. The town grew in the 19th century, in connection with the rich herring fishery.At the museum, you can gain an insight into how the town grew and see how a bourgeois family lived 150 years

Åkrahamn Kystmuseum (coastal museum)

The museum, located by the harbour, houses a large number of objects and photographs that show Karmøy's past as an important fishing center and about the contact between West Karmøy and America. Nora-sjøhuset is one of the few herring salteries that is still intact.

Karmøy Fiskerimuseum (fishery museum)

The signature building is an architectural gem in Vedavågen's beautiful natural landscape. The museum was designed by the renowned architectural firm Snøhetta, which has also designed major landmarks such as the Norwegian Opera in Oslo. Exhibitions show the development of the fishing industry from the time the engine arrived, as well as a café.

Nordvegen Historiesenter (History center)

Here we meet the national collector Harald Hårfagre, who made Avaldsnes Norway's oldest royal seat. Harald becomes our guide through stories about Avaldsnes as the meeting place between Norway and Europe. See the ruins of the royal court from the Middle Ages and meet some of the princes who controlled ship traffic along the Nordvegen - the route that gave Norway its name. A 10-minute walk from the beautiful Olavskirken takes you to an exciting reconstructed Viking farm!

Whats on




VIKING FESTIVAL FESTIVAL in the home of the Vikings! On historical ground at Avaldsnes, you can take part in the biggest Viking festival in Western Norway the first full week in June. Come and experience how the Vikings lived and visit a Viking market. See a blacksmith at work and Vikings in combat, listen to Viking music and Viking sagas, or try various activities, such as archery and juggling!


SKUDESFESTIVAL. Western Norway’s biggest coastal culture event featuring all kinds of boats – wooden boats, pleasure craft and sailing ships. There are many art exhibitions in Søragadå, the main street in the old town. The Skude Festival is always held on the first weekend in July.


FISKERIDAGENE (fishery days). A festival where fishing is the main focus. Exciting deep sea fishing competition, delicious food, funfair, stalls and entertainment for both children and adults. First weekend i August.


Medieval Festival at Avaldsnes, provides an insight into the exciting period of history from 1100 to 1400. You can meet jugglers, knights and musicians, and dance Medieval dances and take part in games from the period.

VISNES FAIR Traditional activities for children and adults alike in Fransahagen. Market fair with concert on Friday, activities for children on Saturday, and traditional market day with sales exhibitions, arts and crafts and locally produced food on Sunday.


SKUDENESHAVN INTERNATIONAL LITERATURE AND CULTURE FESTIVAL (SILK) spreads the joy of reading by hosting cultural experiences in the many exciting venues in Skudneshavn.

Tourist information Nordvegen Historiesenter 4262 Avaldsnes Tel. +47 52 81 24 00 Karmøy rådhus 4250 Kopervik, Tel. +47 52 85 75 00 Skudeneshavn Torget. Tel. +47 52 85 80 00 Oasen Storsenter Norheim. Tel. +47 52 83 10 89 Opening hours see:

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