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– provides an energy boost and experiences out at the ocean’s edge


Utsira is the smallest municipality in Norway with its 200 inhabitants. The island municipality is situated approx. 18 kilometres west of Haugesund and boasts coastal landscape worthy of preservation. Walking trails, experience coastal culture or go hunting (with binoculars) for new species in one of Norway’s top birdwatching destinations, ornithologists from all over Europe come to Utsira in the migration season. There is a playground by Sirakompasset, a petanque park and sand volleyball court in the sports ground. There is a daily boat service to Utsira The trip takes 70 minutes and is an experience in itself.

Utsira lighthouse. The lighthouse is the most visited attraction on Utsira. Only one of the lighthouses is currently in operation. The lighthouses are the only remaining twin lighthouses in Norway within the same lighthouse area. Utsira lighthouse has conducted weather observations on behalf of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute since 1867 and it is Norway’s oldest meteorological station in continuous operation. During the summer, you can see what life in the lighthouse used to be like. The building of the lighthouses started in 1843. Utsira Lighthouse was put into operation on 15 August 1844. The lighthouses are the only remaining twin lighthouses within the same lighthouse area. The lighthouse area is protected under the Cultural Heritage Act. The lighthouse is situated 68 metres above sea level, making it the lighthouse with the highest elevation in Norway. The lighthouse was automated in 2004. The lighthouse is open for guided tours during the school holidays and on appointment. Café and different exhibitions.

Street art. The little streetless island of Utsira is a street art Mecca and is well-known outside Norway. It all started in 2014 when Utsira Reiseliv invited eight well-known street artists to attend UtsirArt. Utsira has made a name for itself in street art metropolises like Brooklyn and London, with names such as Stik, JPS, La Staa, Pichi&Avo, ATM, Ella&Pitr, Borondo and Hama Woods. We also recommend a visit to JPS’s permanent Gallery in Gamleskolen, Hovlandsv. 36.

Sjøhuset in Utsira. The wharfside warehouse Sjøhuset was the base for Klovning’s fisheries business. It mainly engaged in herring fisheries, but also in pollock, mackerel and lobster fisheries. Sjøhuset was used for storing boats and equipment both from sweepnet and purse seine fisheries. The crew came from the surrounding area and stayed in the loft during the fishing season. The building was restored in 2017, and offers a unique and authentic experience with its historical fisheries collections.

Sørevågen. Here you find a small beach. There is also a guest marina with water and WC. Sildaloftet has a guest marina with showers, toilets, washing machine and WIFI. There is also a gym, which guests can use.

Walking trails. There are three waymarked walking trails on the island. One passes through Vestramarka and past excavated house ruins from the age of migration.

The other walking trail takes you through Austramarka. Here you can walk in a cultural landscape of stone dykes and traces of old farming systems in uncultivated land. The North Sea Trail is the old road up to Utsira Lighthouse. The trail goes from the western side of Nordevågen via Ringmerkeskogen forest and up to the lighthouse.

Bird- watching. The island has long bird-watching traditions and is sometimes compared with Fair Isle (south of Shetland). Among other things, this is because the two islands have ornithological links. The bird-watching season on Utsira is all year, but the main season is during the periods 15 April to 15 May and 1 September to 1 November. The island is small (6.15 km2), and visitors do not therefore require local guides. Everything is within walking distance and you can see the whole island in the course of a day. A total of 330 different species have been registered and 25 of the bird species that make up the Norwegian fauna were discovered here first.

What`s on

Siradagane festival on Utsira is organised annually by Utsira municipality. The festival brings everyone together, both locals and visitors who are passionate about coastal culture, food and drink, concerts and other cultural experiences.

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