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Høyt & Lavt (high and low)

Oppdatert: 24. jan. 2023

Snow and skiing in winter. In the summer you will find a climbing park, mountain carts, water park, trampolines, SUP and canoeing. Perfect for the active family!

The climbing trails

Activities and challenges for almost all ages and skill levels. See map, pictures and tickets here

Comfortable accommodation in Sirdal's nature

Stay where it's happening, in the heart of Sirdal, at a reasonable price close to the high and low Sirdal climbing park. We offer cozy and comfortable rooms for the entire traveling party. As a year-round destination, Sirdal Resort offers many activities such as a climbing park, Mountain Cart, canoeing, hiking trails and an enchanting bathing beach, right outside the door. If you stay overnight, we have good offers on packages with food and other activities in the summer. Book your stay here

Food & nightlife - Something for every taste

In Sirdal, there are many who serve good, local food from the entire region. We want all our visitors to have a pleasant experience and a varied food offer. In the summer, we have a cafe open in Hulderheimen at the same time as the climbing park and the other activities are in progress. Fjellstuen at Sinnes and Kvæven café near the tourist information a little further up the valley also serve food. Bring the whole family and gather around the table for a lovely and tasty dinner in a cozy and intimate atmosphere with pleasant waiters and bartenders.

Many good arrangements

Large selection and variety

Cabin and mountain atmosphere

Good service and food

Adress Tjørhomfjellet 53, 4443 Tjørhom

Opening hours HERE

Tel.: +47 51 20 81 80


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