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National Tourist Route Jæren

Oppdatert: 9. des. 2022

Cultural landscape by road 44 - high sky, wide horizon and endless sea, an ever-changing weather and light, miles of sandy beaches and dunes replaced by pebbles and salmon rivers.

This is Norway's food platter with intensive agriculture in a flat, extensive and well-kept cultural landscape in an area with a mild year-round climate.

“Kvassheim lighthouse was set up in Ognabukta in 1912. Together with Obrestad and Feistein lighthouse, Kvassheim was supposed to let ship traffic safely past the Jær coast. Kvassheim was in operation until 1990. The lighthouse has been restored and rebuilt and contains exhibitions about the history of rescue and about the nature of Jæren and a small cafe.”

The coast along Jæren lies open to the sea and has long been considered one of the most dangerous along the Norwegian coast. The major expansion of Jærfyra began in the mid-19th century. The task was to guide boat traffic on the North Sea safely past the Jær coast in harsh weather, darkness and shoals. Over the years, a number of new lighthouses were built, with the lighthouse at Kvassheim, which was completed in 1912, being the last. We recommend a detour down to the lighthouse at Kvassheim and other cultural monuments, pebbles and dunes provide exciting experiences of the sea and history. With more than 1,000 km2, Jæren is the largest lowland area in Norway, and the landscape ends in long sandy beaches that can give road users a change of scenery on their car journey. The Jæren National Tourist Route runs between Ogna and Bore and is 41 kilometers long.

Varhaug old cemetary. There has been a church at Varhaug since the 13th century. The old church was demolished in 1905 and replaced with a small burial chapel. The churchyard is beautifully situated facing the sea. There is also a monument to nine Russian sailors who were washed ashore after the naval vessel "Ingermanland" sank in 1842.
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