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Knudaheio Garborgs summer residence

Oppdatert: 14. des. 2022

This was author Arne Garborg's summer residence at Jæren, from 1899-1923. Knudaheio inspired his major biographical work "Knudaheio Letters" of 1904.

The furnishings are authentic and the exterior is unchanged since 1909, when Garborg fixed up his small house. Exhibited are photographs of Garborg, the author's furniture and other possessions, and first editions of most of his books. Arne and Hulda Garborg were buried in their garden here, in 1925 and 1935. Open Sunday and public holidays 12 - 16 from 1 May - 30 September.

Open daily in July and half August 12 - 17.

Address: Knudaheio, Sikvalandsvegen 72, 4342 Undheim

Phone: +47 47 77 60 20

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