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Jærmuseet - experience, participate, explore

Oppdatert: 9. des. 2022

12 facilities at Jæren.

Experience a modern science centre, Garborgsenteret, exhibitions and locations that tell about agriculture and building customs, industry and urban history, airplanes and airships, sea and sea rescue, and hear stories from the Second World War. With 12 open public facilities at Jæren, the Jærmuseet has something for everyone.

The Jærmuseet is the regional museum for seven municipalities, as well as the regional science center for South-West Norway. Get to know our history through interactive exhibitions and activities, just as fun for young and old. Experience amazing shows and outer space at the Vitenfabrikken, visit the animals and jump in the hay at the Vitengarden, "spin" a poem at the Garborgsenteret, study military and civilian aircraft at the Aviation History Museum, go up to the lighthouse and see how the lighthouse keeper at Tungenes lighthouse lived, or enjoy the viewand find peace in the old farmhouses Grødaland and Limagarden, which tell of life on Jæren in ancient times.

Jærmuseet's slogan is experience, participate, explore.Visit the museum and have a nice and educational experience.

Tel.: +47 47 77 60 20


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