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Obrestad lighthouse

Oppdatert: 9. des. 2022

Obrestad lighthouse was built in 1873. The lighthouse is located on a headland at the top of a flat moraine ridge that goes straight down to the sea. The lighthouse is today a cultural and historical facility. The lighthouse is a museum with permanent and temporary exhibitions. The lighthouse houses are rented out all year round for accommodation, meetings, seminars and parties. The lighthouse is a good starting point for shorter and longer trips along the sea.

Obrestad lighthouse dates from 1873. It was automated in 1991. In 2006, Hå municipality bought the lighthouse from the Norwegian Coastal Administration.One goal of the purchase is to preserve the culture and history of the plant, and show how fire can be used in new contexts. The lighthouse building itself is today a lighthouse museum and stands as it was in 1991.

Obrestad Lighthouse

Accommodation at the lighthouse all year round, a unique experience in all kinds of weather. The houses where the lighthouse keepers and their families lived are today used for rent all year round. Three housing units can be rented for overnight stays and one house can be rented for seminars and parties. All the houses have a unique view of the sea and of Høg-Jæren and the windmills. The lighthouse and the houses have original facades as they were in 1991 when they were moved.Inside, they have been modernized. The homes are tastefully and modernly furnished. See accommodation for an overview of the accommodation with prices. The lighthouse museum and the houses are run by Hå old parish. Obrestad lighthouse is part of Hå municipality's cultural heritage conservation plan.

Hå old vicarage is an art and culture institution in a traditional and protected facility. Hå old vicarage is a meeting place between the present and local history. The facility, which is located by the sea, consists of various mud houses, such as farmhouses and other farm buildings. The facility has exhibitions of Norwegian and international contemporary art and cultural history exhibitions, an art commission hall, a cafe with local food, a seminar and premises for hire. In addition, I rent out accommodation at Obrestad lighthouse. We organize concerts and conferences, and literature and theme evenings. Guided tour by appointment.

Hå old vicarage is one of the most visited starting points on Jæren, and is a good starting point for shorter and longer walks along Kongevegen and the North Sea Road.


The café has unique premises in a magnificent setting. We emphasize short-traveled food from local producers. The menu varies from day to day. You get good bread with toppings and side dishes, home-made soup, coarse bread with Jarlsberg cheese produced in Nærbø and more. We always have home-baked lefse and cakes.

Tel.: +47 51 79 16 60


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