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Garborg's home

Oppdatert: 14. des. 2022

This was the childhood home of author Arne Garborg (1851-1924), built by his parents Ane Oline and Eivind Aadneson Garborg in 1848.

The family sold the house and farm in 1869. Since 1940 it has been owned by the Municipality of Time. On the centennial celebration of Arne Garborg's birth in 1951, the Garborg House was inaugurated as a museum.

It is a well-preserved Jæren house, with furnishings from the 1850s that provide an accurate impression of the author's cultural and social background. Several of Garborg's works have plots that focus on events in this house.

Today it is a preserved historical building, located by Fv 505 between Bryne and Varhaug.

Address: Garborgheimen, Garborgvegen 597, 4340 Bryne

Phone: +47 47 77 60 20

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