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Welcome to ‘the green village’ on the northern tip of Jæren, where the land, sky and sea meet. You can wander around the market, enjoy the white sandy beaches or go for a walk in the exciting cultural landscape along the coast.


Randaberg is one of the few places in Norway that calls itself a village. This designation is very suitable as it is Norway’s smallest mainland municipality in terms of area. Everyone lives within a short distance of the centre, where you will find everything a village should have of specialist shops, pleasant cafés and a varied cultural programme. And naturally, there is a charming and lively market in the middle of the village.


The fantastic coastline around the Randaberg peninsula is not far from the centre. Here, you can experience white sandy beaches, smooth, bare rocks and a beautiful cultural landscape of coastal heathland and a latticework of drystone walls that are typical of the region. A drive or walk in Randaberg is a good option if you need a break from city life.

Tungeneset Lighthouse One of the region’s most unique destinations is situated on the northern tip of Jæren. The lighthouses along Norway’s extensive coastline have a unique appeal. Tungenes Lighthouse is one of the lighthouses that is easiest to get to in the region. Its history dates back to 1828, and it has a great vantage point of the approach to Stavanger. Magnificent nature experiences await whatever the weather or time of year. Tungenes Lighthouse is now a listed building, and is run as a museum. It is an important cultural arena in the region, and hosts exhibitions and concerts, and has a café, which serves delicious cakes, among other things. For more information about opening hours, exhibitions and events, see

Vistnestunet Farm Museum Traditional Jæren-style buildings are the region’s most important contribution to Norwegian building customs and architectural history. One of these buildings is located at Vistnestunet, which is one of our best-preserved farm clusters and dates from the late 19th century. There are domestic animals at the farm, which show what animal husbandry and farming was like in the olden days. Vistnestunet is also the starting point for a lovely walk through the protected area of landscape along the sea to Tungenes in the north. Vistestranden beach and the functionalist building Viste Strandhotell are also a short walk in the opposite direction.

Vistehola, Viste Vistehola is probably the best-known cultural monument in Randaberg. Both

young and old alike are fascinated by the site, which is one of the oldest stone-age settlements in Norway, with a history dating all the way back to 6,500 BC. It is therefore a national cultural monument and tourist destination. The best Stone Age skeleton in Norway, ‘Vistegutten’, was found here. It is on exhibition at the Museum of Archaeology in Stavanger.


From Vistebeach til Vistnestunet museumsgård This is an easy walk, which it is best to start at Viste strandhotell as it has parking facilities, past Raustein and on to Vistnesvågen. Make a quick detour to Vistehola (Svarthola), which is approx. 100 metres from the sea. In the woods by Vistnestunet, there is a turf-roofed shelter with a beautiful view of the sea. The shelter can be accessed both by wheelchairs and prams if you park at Vistnestunnet. A new day trip cabin will open at Vistnes in 2022. It was built at the edge of the forest with spectacular views of the sea. The cabin is for day visitors, who can warm themselves and eat their packed lunch there and maybe read one of the books in its tiny library.

TUNGENESRUNDEN Tungenesrunden is waymarked, and there are good parking facilities both beside Sandestranden and Tungeneset. This is an easy walk of approx. five kilometres, and it follows the coast around the northern tip of Jæren. The easiest way to get there is to take a bus, cycle or drive to Tungevågen, where there are parking spaces. The walk takes you from Tungevågen to Randabergbukta bay, and you can take detours to Håbakken and Håbakrullå. A detour to Randabergfjellet mountain on the way will be rewarded with an impressive view. If you do an extra walk to Randabergfjellet, you will be rewarded by magnificent views without too much of a climb.


There are many physical traces of World War II in Randaberg. Randabergfjellet was one of the most important places along the coast of Jæren. This is where the Germans established their battle headquarters for the coastal artillery. Today, Randabergfjellet is a popular area for walks, and an outdoor recreation centre recently opened there. Seventy-three metres is not much by Norwegian standards. However, this ‘mountains’ stands out in the landscape and provides great views of the flat Jæren landscape and up the fjords towards the Ryfylke mountains.

Fjord landscape

From Mekjarvik harbour, you can take a ferry to the little island community of Kvitsøy. The trip itself is in beautiful fjord landscape, past Tungenes Lighthouse and out to one of Norway’s smallest municipalities.

What´s on

At you will find the up-to-date cultural programme for Varen Randaberg cultural centre and Tungenes lighthouse.

Tourist Information Service desk Tel.: +47 51 41 41 00 Open: weekdays 08.00 - 15.30 E-mail:

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