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Farsund Resort

Unique experiences in the archipelago

The holiday homes at Farsund Resort have a top hotel standard and are beautiful situated in the heart of Bjørnevåg

We can offer 35 houses with a totalt of 121 rooms, of which all rooms have their own bathrooms and opportunities to cook and grill home-caught fish.

Farsund Resort is perfect for a break from busy everyday life, whether you are a family of four, a couple who want to experience something new.

Restaurant on the pier.

Our restaurant offers culinary art with local ingredients in a pleasant atmosphere. The restaurant is also used for parties such as weddings and baptisms, as well as for large conferences.

The restaurant has become very popular.

The menu on offer is adapted to the seasons, and we do our utmost to have as much local food on the menu as possible.

Restaurant opening hours: The restaurant is closed and will reopen in summer 2023.

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Farsund Resort

Abraham Larsens vei 28

4550 Farsund, Norge

Tlf. +47 38 39 29 30

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