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Great small-town experiences in Southern Norway


Velocipede trolley cycling on the old Flekkefjord line This is one of Flekkefjord’s most popular activities! The trip covers 17 km and starts at the railway station in Flekkefjord and ends at Bakkekleivi. You drive through 17 tunnels on a railway line, built by hand, in beautiful scenery! The tandem velocipedes take three people and it normally takes an hour and a half to cycle one way (normally three and a half hours there and back). Departures twice a day in summer. Trips can be arranged on request the rest of the year.

Other attractions while you’re here:

• Shopping¸ cafés and restaurants

• See the fantastic street art

• Visit the beautiful Hollenderbyen (Dutch town)

The beautiful Hollenderbyen (Dutch town) In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, a large number of Dutch men settled in Flekkefjord and made a living from trading oak timber, granite and lobster. Many of the buildings in Amsterdam still contain oak and granite from Flekkefjord. On the cultural trail, you gain an insight into the history and development of this area of the town. Hollenderbyen has also become a large, outdoor gallery for street art, where new ideas and old traditions come together. Every year, new national and international works and artists enrich this beautiful area. More information about the street art, and where it is located, can be found at

While you’re in Hollenderbyen...

• Country store, pub and café

• Flekkefjord Museum

Coastal beauty at Hidra

Possibly the most beautiful island in the Nordic countries – just outside Flekkefjord! Magnificent walking terrain, fish for sale, swimming spots, arts and crafts, local culinary experiences, war monuments, a museum and small clusters of old, wooden buildings. In Kirkehavn, there is a little street of beautiful, small galleries and shops, where you can buy arts and crafts, household items, gifts and a cup of coffee and a bite to eat.

While in Hidra, you can also:

• Walk the cultural trail with magnificent views of Hågåsen and accommodation in small cabins or spend the night in the turf-roof shelter

• Experience coastal culture, arts and crafts and local food in Kirkehavn

• Visit Fedrenes Minne museum and the idyllic clusters of wooden buildings in Rasvåg

Iconic Brufjell

The walk to Brufjellvarden cairn offers lovely scenic experiences through old woodland and cultural landscapes to one of the area’s best viewpoints. Lista, Hidra and large expanses of the coast lie at your feet. Walk on to the Brufjell potholes, and stop past the beautiful pebble beach at Sandviga on the way back. Doing the walk on a dry day is recommended, as you have to climb along steep rocks with the aid of chains and bolts – but it’s definitely worth it!


Eating out

Flekkefjord has a good range of restaurants. Local seafood, traditional fare, stone oven baked pizza and much more. You’ll find a complete list of the restaurants in town at



Flekkefjord has two newly renovated hotels (centrally located) in the town centre. We also have a popular campsite on the outskirts of the town.

At Hidra you will find several alternatives for accomodation. Find accommodation that suits you here:



Flekkefjord is perfect for shopping. There are more than 100 shops within a five-minute walk, whether you’re interested in charming specialist shops or a shopping centre with everything under one roof.


Other info

For info about camper van sites, boat facilities, swimming spots and hikes please contact the Tourist Information Office or see or


What’s on

Flekkefjord hosts a busy programme of activities and festivals throughout the year for children and adults alike. Norway’s oldest rock festival, theatre productions and lots more.

See what’s on at


Tourist Information

Flekkefjord cultural centre SPIRA

Elvegaten 1, N-4400 Flekkefjord

Tel: +47 38 32 80 81

Summer season June to August, Monday – Saturday

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