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Oppdatert: 9. des. 2022

Egersund offers a wide range of opportunities to experience the coast, town, forest and mountains – all on the same day! Explore a varied landscape and the charming area of wooden houses in the old town.

…did you know that Eigersund municipality extends over parts of Magma Geopark, which has UNESCO Global Geopark status? Experience the unique locations of the geopark in Egersund: the area of wooden houses in the town centre, Eigerøy Lighthouse, Ytstebrød, Auglend outdoor recreation area and, not least, the Trollpikken rock!


Historic, well-preserved area of wooden houses

Experience at least ten different architectural styles in a charming, small town! In the town centre, you can find examples of Louis XVI, late Empire, Art Nouveau and Neoclassic styles. Enjoy some music in the church – the oldest building in the town. Join a guided tour of the town centre or explore it on your own using a brochure or an app.

Try out our new cultural trail with town history signs – a route with 14 signs among the old wooden houses. The trail features many beautiful photos from the Dalane Folk Museum archives, in addition to interesting facts and curiosities. The cultural trail is suitable for anyone who wants to do a lovely walk and explore the centre of Egersund at the same time. Complete the walk by walking up to Varberg and the rock carvings. After the town walk, we recommend a visit to the Faiance Museum, where you can have a cup of coffee and enjoy Elveparken park nearby.


The coastal landscape of Eigerøy and walks along the idyllic north and south sides of the sound are highly recommended. The area has outdoor recreation areas that are suitable for lots of activities, such as fishing, swimming and camping. The biggest swimming spot in the municipality is Skadbergsanden, which has a 500-metre-long shallow beach and low sand dunes. The spot has facilities for ball sports, picnics and a play area for children – perfect for the whole family!

Egersund is also known for the unique rock anorthosite. Large areas of this type of rock are only found here, in Canada and on the moon! Walk to Eigerøy Lighthouse, and learn about the special history of anorthosite. The perfect place to watch the sun set in the sea. This walk is suitable for all age groups, and can be combined with a guided tour of Magma Geopark and a visit to the lighthouse! You can also book to stay a night in Eigerøy lighthouse-keeper’s house. A café is open on Sundays in the summer season.

The perfect daytrip - the old Jæren line

A great day trip on foot or on bike, with lots of lovely places to stop and enjoy great views. The route winds its way around between hills and rocky outcrops all the way to Hellvik, approx. 8 km. Suitable for all age groups. This trip can be combined with a walk to the summit of Launesfjellet, where you can enjoy a fantastic view of Eigerøya. Maurholen station is situated along the Old Jæren Line. Today, you can hire the station for private functions and accommodation. If you want to get the most out of the trip and learn something new about the surrounding environment, download the Magma geopark app and find a treasure hunt called Geobike Egersund – Hellvik.

The iconic Trollpikken Rock

Trollpikken became world famous in 2017 when someone decided to cut it off from the rock formation where it had remained hidden for almost 10,000 years. It now makes for a great walk with family or friends, and is worth seeing if you happen to be in Egersund. Bring a swimming costume in the summer, it’s fun to have a dip in the potholes on the way to Trollpikken rock.

You can either drive or cycle to get to Trollpikken rock. For a more interactive and rewarding experience, download the Teachout app and do the Trollpikken treasure hunt.

Play along the coast!

You can either drive or cycle to get to Trollpikken rock. For a more interactive and rewarding experience, download the Teachout app and do the Trollpikken treasure hunt.


Wide range of shops within easy reach. Shopping in Egersund is a delight to the eye both inside and outside the shops. The shops are located in narrow streets of old wooden houses, with a shopping centre practically right next door. Shopping in Egersund is known for its pleasant atmosphere and, not least, first-rate service. Egersund also has cosy cafés, some of which have sheltered backyards and patios. A shopping centre and the historical Faiance Museum are also within walking distance. The museum is housed in the premises of the former Egersund Fayancefabrik factory. Expect something special when you visit the centre of Egersund!

What`s on

Egersund is known for its charming and traditional Christmas market, but there is always something going on! Egersund Visefestival, Dalane Bluesfestival, Egersundsugå, Høstmarken and many other concerts, exhibitions and workshops. See our calendar:

Tourist information

Jernbaneveien 18, Egersund

Open during summer, mon - sat. 10-16. Tel.: +47 474 88 409

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