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Velocipede trolley cycling on the old Flekkefjord line

Oppdatert: 24. jan. 2023

This is one of Flekkefjord’s most popular activities! The trip covers 17 km and starts at the railway station in Flekkefjord and ends at Bakkekleivi. You drive through 17 tunnels on a railway line, built by hand, in beautiful scenery!

The tandem velocipedes take three people and it normally takes an hour and a half to cycle one way (normally three and a half hours there and back). Departures twice a day in summer. Trips can be arranged on request the rest of the year.

The Flekkefjord railway stretches from Sira to Flekkefjord over 17 km.

In 1894 it was decided to build the Egersund Flekkefjord Railway. Development started in 1898 the track was opened in 1904 as a narrow gauge railway. In 1944, the line was converted to standard gauge and connected to the Sørlandsbanen at Sira station. At the same time, the Sirnes to Tronviken section was closed. This stretch was later used as a road and this is where today's E39 runs. The last regular train ran on 31 December 1990.


Our rides - also called "rail bikes" - are not the kind of "pump rides" we see drawn in Donald Duck. We have the most modern versions, tandem carriages with room for 3 people, where 2 must cycle..... There are also some simple carriages with room for a cyclist and a passenger. Parking is at the Flekkefjord bus station. The tour starts from Flekkefjord station and the first thing you experience is a tunnel that leads out of the center of Flekkefjord. It is, of course, pitch black and seems extra long as it is the first and there is an ever-so-slight uphill. Further up towards Sira you pass many stops which are well maintained by us. The stonework by the track and especially in the tunnels is impressive. The course is located high in the terrain and you have a nice view all the way. At the Flikkeid stop, you hit the course's only water tower. At the stop, it's nice to take a break. You are now done with the ascents. If you continue cycling, you will experience the course's longest tunnel, which is 1.2 km long. The trip ends at the Bakkekleivi stop. Here, you just have to turn the dresser and cycle back.It is pleasant to stop along the way. Flikkeid is a nice place to enjoy a packed lunch. The return from Flikkeid is easier as it is downhill all the way. Here it is important to keep a low speed.

It is possible to pre-order.

Adress: 4402 Flekkefjord

Tel.: +47 97 65 79 33


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