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Utstein Monastery

Oppdatert: 14. des. 2022

UTSTEIN KLOSTER – a MUST between Stavanger and Bergen!

Utstein Monastery is Norway's best-preserved medieval monastery, located in a protected cultural landscape half an hour's drive from Stavanger in the direction of Bergen.

Harald Hårfagre had his royal court here.In the Middle Ages it was a monastery for Augustinian monks and later a bailiff's farm in the 18th century. The monastery itself was the main house at Klostergarden until the building became a museum in the 1930s.

At Utstein monastery, you will be received by smiling guides in medieval costume who tell the monastery's exciting history before showing you our monastery garden with beautiful roses, ornamental shrubs and herbs. If it is Sunday, there is a good chance that there will be a concert in the church by local artists.See: for the concert program and more information.

In the sea house below the monastery, Utstein gard has a farm shop in a restored sea house, and a little over a kilometer from the monastery, a newly restored Utstein Kloster Hotell can offer lunch, dinner and accommodation with a sea view.Come and experience the silence and magic of this very special place!


Muségata 16 4010 Stavanger

+47 51 84 27 00

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