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Sørlandsbadet (indoor and outdoor swimming)

Oppdatert: 9. des. 2022

SØRLANDSBADET is an active and attractive holiday center in Lyngdal with good and fun activities for the whole family. We have a great water park with both indoor and outdoor facilities, as well as a fitness centre, wellness, cafe, physiotherapy and hiking trails. The entire experience center focuses on activity, health and well-being, and we cultivate the joy of life for the family. We work for the region to offer the best recreational experience and quality time for families in Southern Norway and as one of the leading water parks in Norway.

SØRLANDSBADET is idyllically located by the beach in the heart of the long and beautiful Rosfjord. With the open and large glass facade, you can enjoy the entire fjord from the swimming and fitness facilities. The nature experience becomes dense and close. SØRLANDSBADET offers a comprehensive bathing experience - both indoors and outdoors.


Agnefestveien 200

4580 Lyngdal

Tel: +47 38 70 13 00

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