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- the good life -

CITTASLOW Sokndal was the first municipality in the Nordic countries to become a member of the International Cittaslow movement. The idea is to reduce the hustle and bustle and pace of everyday life and to make life quality and the good life a priority. There are no tourists in Sokndal, only guests. Why not visit one or more of the other Nordic Cittaslow municipalities: Facebook - Nordisk nettverk Cittaslow. Welcome to the good life!



The North Sea Route to Sokndal from the north is part of Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren. The entire route runs from Bore in Jæren to Flekkefjord, via Eigersund and Sokndal. Several attractions are going to be established along the route.

Helleren and the Jøssingfjord

You’ll find Helleren and Jøssingfjord along the North Sea Route. Two old houses dating from the end of the 18th century, situated under an overhanging cliff. The Jøssingfjord is associated with the ‘Altmark/Cossack affair’ during World War II. There are many lovely, waymarked trails in the area. Jøssingfjord Science Museum is scheduled to be completed in autumn 2022

Unique cycling experience

If you’re doing the route by bike, you should definitely check out Norway’s only stopping place inside a mountain for cyclists, Jøssingfjord. It is possible to spend the night in a hammock inside the tunnel. A truly unique experience!

In the idyllic fishing village NESVÅG, you will find a museum, which has a collection of old boat engines, fishing equipment and maritime objects. It is possible to hire a rowing boat or go on a trip on a fishing vessel.

Motorcenter Norway was established in 2021 with a 5,500 m2 scrambling hall and a racing track. This fantastic centre will host a range of events and activities in 2022. See

Sokndal church Sokndal has a beautiful wooden church dating from 1803 with a 17th-century pulpit and altarpiece. Guided tours by arrangement, tel.: +47 51 47 70 03.

The Ruggesteinen rocking rock Northern Europe’s biggest rocking rock, weighing approx. 74 tonnes, is found at Indre Åmodt. You can walk another 3 kilometres on the gravel path until you come to the abandoned Blåfjell mines.

At Rossland, you can experience The fertility cult, with its godhead, stone altar and early Iron-Age sacrificial vessel – approx. 2,000 years old.


Sogndalstrand cultural environment was placed under a preservation order in 2005, the only town to have such status in Norway. Its wooden buildings date from the 18th and 19th centuries. Well-being, environment and culture. Culture hotel, traditional grocery shop, gallery, salmon river, fisheries museum, sculpture pier, outdoor stone amphitheatre, ocean rafting and golf. Guest quay and modern service building. Good walking in the area. Sogndalstrand is one of the most popular destinations in Rogaland.

Nature experiences

Unique opportunities for fishing in lakes, the sea and the Sokna salmon river. Visitors can go on fishing trips or try ribsafari. Modern guest quays at Rekefjord and at Sogndalstrand.

Linepollen is a great spot for swimming and enjoying the great outdoors, and is only a short distance from the administrative centre of the municipality.

Great walking on a range of waymarked trails, see Facebook – Opplev Sokndal. Hire a bike in Sogndalstrand and cycle around Sokndal. Sokndal is part of Unesco Magma Global Geopark,

Eating out There are lots of great places to eat, at cafés in the town centre as well as restaurants and cafés in Sogndalstrand.

Shopping Charming shops in Hauge i Dalane and in Sogndalstrand, offer good service and a pleasant experience. Acconodation In Sokndal, you can stay in a hotel in unique Sogndalstrand or campingsite. If you would like to spend a night in very special accomodation, you can try hammocks at the picnic spot in the Jøssingfjord tunnel.

What´s on

Last weekend of May: Sokndalsdagene. Lively local festival featuring shopping and entertainment.

Summer: Concerts at Sogndalstrand Amfi.

Complete list at

Tourist information Gamleveien 20, 4380 Hauge i Dalane Tel.: +47 51 47 06 00 Information can also be obtained at Joker Supermarked in Åna-Sira, Sogndalstrand Kulturhotell, YX Sokndal and Bakkaåno Camping & Gjestegard.

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