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Rosfjord Strandhotell

Oppdatert: 24. jan. 2023

At Rosfjord Strandhotell you can experience a really good holiday for the whole family. The hotel is easily accessible by the coast in the middle of Vest-Agder. The shallow sandy beach and Sørlandsbadet are in the immediate vicinity. Our kitchen is widely known for good dining experiences, both for small and large palates. A visit to us should be both relaxing and filled with memorable experiences for everyone. Regardless of whether you come to us on holiday, conference, party or dinner guest, we have made arrangements for this. Exciting activities and events, and all facilities available, we hope to create excitement in all members of the family.

Rosfjord Strandhotell is known for its hospitality and its location by the beach and sea. You can come here as a holiday guest, as a course participant or at a sports meeting and trust that the hotel will ensure quality in all respects.

Lyngdal offers some of the very best of what Southern Norway can offer. In Lyngdal you will find Sørlandsbadet - a water park and recreation center with activities for the whole family. You can spend the night either at the child-friendly Rosfjord Strandhotell in Lyngdal


Rosfjord is one of Southern Norway's oldest tourism players. Rosfjord Strandhotell is a 4th generation family business, and although much has changed, the core of what we offer is still the same – great experiences, alone or with friends, family or colleagues! It all began in 1934 when Isabella Ubostad created a camp in this lovely landscape. In all the years since, her descendants have welcomed guests to fresh sea air and good energy. Today, Rosfjord Strandhotell is a leading provider of experiences, with the Ubostad family as attentive hosts.

Food experiences

At Rosfjord, we cook according to season and availability, we are fond of locally rooted food and willingly make use of Southern Norway's rich pantries. However, we never compromise on quality. If we have to travel further to find the best ingredients, we will do it for you.

We have comfortable facilities, fantastic food, exciting activities and good personal service. Here you will feel at home. Rosfjord Strandhotell always does its utmost to give your holiday the setting it deserves.

Adress: Rosnesveien 25, 4580 Lyngdal

Tel.: +47 38 34 01 00


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