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Ølberg Camping at Sola

Oppdatert: 24. jan. 2023

Idyllically located by Ølbergstranden, a popular, family-friendly bathing beach. Simple camping cabins with a view to the sea. Playground. Fishing opportunities. Bicycles for rent. Free Wi-Fi. The coastal path is signposted from the campsite, runs through rough rocky landscapes and over nice beaches. Local fishermen sell shellfish. Member of the Norwegian Automobile Association (NAF)

The only thing that separates you from the sea is a sandy beach and the dunes.

Jæren open air council is responsible for the operation of Ølberg Camping, which is a summer camp with a season from 10 May to 30 August. 24-hour duty during the period 15 June to 15 August and at weekends. We have not marked fields for camping units and ask that you take into account the rule of 4 meters to the next camping unit, when placing a caravan, motorhome or tent. If you have a small tent, there can be nice places in the hill facing the forest. Or perhaps you want to use a hammock between the trees at the edge of the forest - with a view of the sea?

Ølbergstranda is a popular beach and a great starting point for trips along the sea. Since this beach is slightly sheltered from the biggest waves along the Jæren coast, many families prefer to use this beach. On the best days there can be lots of happy people and traffic here.

Playground is open to everyone.The dunes are vulnerable to wear and tear, so we ask that you do not jump and sled in the dunes, we need the vegetation there to keep the sand in place.

Kyststien (coastal walking path) through the campsite. There is a marked hiking trail that you can follow south towards Vigdel or north towards Rege and Solastranda. You will be given a map sketch on arrival.

Ølberg harbour is an active fishing port, coastal fishermen use the port, take this into account when you wander around and watch life. Do not allow children to play with equipment that may be stored on the dock. Several sell ready-cooked crab in the area. If you want to fish yourself, you can walk along the mountains and try your luck - remember to wear a life jacket.

Adress: Ølberg Havnevei 93, 4053 Ræge


Tel.: season 51 65 43 75

off season: 51 66 71 70

Follow the signs to Ølberg from FV 510. Coordinates: 58 52'7.63" 5 33'59.05".

Distances: Sola 8km, Sandnes 11km, Stavanger 18km


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