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Ogna Camping at Jæren

Oppdatert: 24. jan. 2023

Cabins - swimming - fishing near the salmon river and golf course. Right next to the North sea road.

Fantastic Jæren! Experience the changing weather, the special light that has always drawn artists to Jæren. And not least the wonderful sunset.

Tent, camper van or cabin

Ogna Camping has 130 pitches for caravans, motorhomes NOK 200 perday and tent NOK 200 per day. And they have 12 cabins for rent. At the entrance to the campsite you have a small kiosk/reception. The sanitary facility contains toilets, showers, disabled bathrooms, children's/maid rooms, cooking facilities and a washing machine and tumble dryer. Each stand has access to electricity. A playground with some play equipment is also available. Have 6 new 4-person cabins with 2 bedrooms and bathrooms for rent at NOK 900 per day.

Norway's longest and finest sandy beach

60 km south of Stavanger and 20 km north of Egersund is Ogna Camping, close by you will find Norway's longest and finest sandy beach.Ogna Camping opened in 1957. The area around the site is defined as a landscape conservation area. Here you will find idyllic small sandy beaches between boulders and stones. There are great conditions for swimming and beach life, in addition to boards, kites and windsurfing. Ogna Camping is a year-round campsite.

Adress: Ogna Camping, Nordsjøvegen 4061, 4364 Sirevåg

Tel.: +47 51 43 82 42


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