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Lista lighthouse

Oppdatert: 9. des. 2022


Visitor Center wetland Lista

The center is for anyone who wants to experience and learn about the Lista nature. We are centered on Lista lighthouse, and present the Lista wetland system's international conservation values with a particular focus on Lista's Ramsar areas, the protected areas around Lista lighthouse, Slevdalsvannet nature reserve and the bird migration at Lista. We accept school classes throughout the year and tailor nature experiences for groups and individuals. We contribute to increased understanding and general insight into the function of wetlands as an ecosystem and value for us humans.Visitor center wetland Lista facilitates good nature experiences for everyone, we guide in the use of nature, and we try to inspire to learn about and seek out the Lista nature. For more information please visit: Besøkssenter våtmark Lista

“Visit for the birds, the waves, the light, the beaches, the gentle wind - or the storms. Whatever the weather, welcome”

Live like the lighthouse keeper

Try living like the lighthouse keeper, with your own key to the lighthouse included in the rent! In the assistant residence, we have furnished two pine apartments, these have been named Myrsnipa and Skarven. Each of the apartments is approximately 100 m2, spread over two floors - and it is highly recommended to wake up to a sea view as far as the eye can see! In both apartments, there are beds for seven people. The apartments are well equipped.

Lovely location

The apartments are located inside the lighthouse area, at the foot of the lighthouse itself.If you stay with us, you get a key to the tower so you can experience the view for yourself!Book now Myrsnipa or Skarven. And guess what - the weather is included in the price!

During some hectic summer months, we have 30,000 visitors to the lighthouse.

Contact us by e-mail: tel. +47 906 12 688 or please see:

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