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Mandal & Lindesnes

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The southernmost destination in Norway, where Lindesnes Lighthouse and Ryvingen Lighthouse

stand majestically at the edge of the sea. Here, you can enjoy the idyllic charm of the Southern coast, with its charming old wooden houses, fresh seafood delicacies, and the authentic Southern Norwegian atmosphere.


With its narrow streets, old wooden houses, spectacular archipelago, and beautiful nature, Mandal becomes a true Southern town. The city is known for being the hometown of five great artists: Gustav and Emanuel Vigeland, Adolph Tidemand, Amaldus Nielsen, and Olaf Isaachsen.


Just near the city center lies Furulunden, a large pine forest with a variety of hiking trails that lead to both small and large beaches. Sjøsanden is the longest of these, with its impressive 800 meters of golden sandy beach

Mandalselva, winding through the city and up to Åseral, is one of Norway’s best salmon rivers. Along with Audnaelva, it attracts many anglers every year in search of salmon and sea trout. There are also several good fishing lakes further up in the valley for inland fishing.


If you want to head out to the sea for fishing and to experience the archipelago, there are several operators offering boat rentals. For those who enjoy sailing, Mandal and Lindesnes offer excellent outer harbors, ideal for boating trips and sailing adventures. These locations provide the opportunity to experience the fantastic Southern Norwegian archipelago in all its glory.

In Mandal and Lindesnes, you’ll find a wide selection of both hiking, walking, and cycling tours. There are also several great swimming spots. If you want to get even closer to nature, you can go on an elk safari or feel the adrenaline pumping with rafting in Mandalselva.


At the end of the Spangereid Canal in Båly, you’ll find Europe’s only underwater restaurant, “Under.” In the harbor nearby, you can purchase fish cakes and fishing equipment right on the pier.

Lighthouse holidays

Lindesnes Lighthouse is as far south as you can get on the mainland. The lighthouse station is a museum area with exhibitions and a café. It’s also possible to climb up the lighthouse to enjoy the majestic view of the sea and the waves crashing against the cliffs. Throughout the year, you can rent the holiday apartment in the Lighthouse Keeper’s Residence and experience the weather and wind from all directions.


You can also visit Ryvingen Lighthouse, which is Norway’s southernmost lighthouse, and Hatholmen Lighthouse, located just outside Sjøsanden, marking the entrance to Mandal.


In Mandal and Lindesnes, you’ll find experiences and attractions for both young and old, making it a destination worth visiting regardless of the season.


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Tourist information Buen Culturehouse, Havnegata 2, 4515 Mandal Tel.: +47 38 27 83 00

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