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Kongeparken Camping, Ålgård, Stavanger

Oppdatert: 9. des. 2022

Kongeparken Camping is located right next to the Kongeparken amusement park at Ålgård. Here, we have run cabin rental and campsites for the Stavanger and Sandnes area for over 20 years. We are rich in facilities, and are centrally located to many popular destinations.

Kongeparken Camping has 27 camping cabins with a great terrace, fully furnished, bed linen hire and washing can be ordered. Perfect option for accommodation near Kongeparken.

Cabin and cabin rental near Stavanger and Sandnes

Kongeparken Camping has 21 cabins for 5 people that are 36 square meters. These have a covered terrace that is furnished. Inside the cabin there are 2 bedrooms, kitchen/living room and shower/toilet. All cabins have Altibox installed and ensure good internet and TV signals

We offer space for both caravans, mobile homes, motorhomes and tents etc.


We have plenty of space for both caravans, camper vans and tents etc. In the area there is approx. 50 power outlets. Unfortunately, we do not have measured places, so you cannot book a place in advance. Every year we have large get-togethers at our campsite, whether it's a Russian get-together, a car get-together, a motorcycle get-together or other events.


In our service building, we have a reception and café at one end. Here we sell a variety of hot dishes and kiosk goods. There is also a sofa corner where you can watch TV and a large pool table you can play on. In the second part of the service building, we have a large tiled sanitary facility with toilets and showers. There is also a room where you can rent a washing machine and tumble dryer. At the other end of the campsite there is a cabin with a small kitchen where there are hotplates and a sink. Here there are also empty - rooms for toilets and a handicap - toilet.

Aadress Ålgårdslåtten 3, 4330 Ålgård, Rogaland, Norway

Tel.: +47 51 61 75 76


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