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The house by the sea at Jæren

Oppdatert: 24. jan. 2023

Come and experience magnificent nature at Jæren. Here there are long beaches, flat fields and high grass-covered moors. Great hiking terrain, rich cultural heritage, museums and contemporary art.

We have fishing rights in two rivers, as well as proximity to a golf course. Here you live right in the Jærsk landscape.

The house by the sea. In the middle of the open jær landscape and the sea as the nearest neighbour. Just 400 meters from the sea you will find the house by the sea, or rather, the houses by the sea. We are open all year round. Choose between a simple double room, the cozy fire house, a 200-year-old restored Jærhus Gurihuset, or the large modern loft. Go for walks along the beach, fish in the salmon river, watch birds, play golf, or just relax while the children play on the playground. Rich in experiences for kids and adults. Landscape impressions so great that they cannot be captured in any pictures, it must be experienced.

Eldhuset is a cozy little house.The combined living room is 24 m2 and has a TV, sitting area and mini kitchen. The bedroom is in the loft with two single beds. WC and shower are on the first floor.

Gurihuset is an old jær house.The decor and furniture largely reflect this. The house has three bedrooms with a total of 8 beds, so it is ideal for a large family or smaller groups. The living room has a TV and it is comfortable with seating for many.

Loftet of 100 m2 is on the second floor above the chambers. It has a large family room and a large west-facing veranda with a great view of the sea. The kitchen is stylish and fully equipped. The large dining table is positioned so that you can enjoy the view.

Kammersene is on the first floor under Loftet. They contain two rooms with 2 beds in each room.These can be rented separately. There are shared cooking facilities and a shared bathroom with shower and WC.

Adress: Ægrå, Sør Varhaug 39, 4360 Varhaug

Tel.: +47 979 78 962


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