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Hellvikhyttene cabins

Oppdatert: 24. jan. 2023

Hellvikhyttene cabins are lovely year-round cabins, located on the seafront at Hellvik.

Great cabins in scenic surroundings at Hellvik.15 km north of Egersund and 70 km south of Stavanger. The cabins are 73 m2 with beds for 8 people.

The cabins are 73 m2, with an open living room and kitchenette. The cabins have three bedrooms and a loft. A total of 8 beds. The cabins are located right on the sea's edge with good opportunities for fishing. The cabins can be rented out by boat if this is desired.

Adress: Trosavigveien 213, 4375 Hellvik

Tel.: +47 911 61 377


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