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Egenes Camping, Flekkefjord

Oppdatert: 24. jan. 2023

A scenic campsite for activity and experience in Flekkefjord.

The history of the campsite goes back to the beginning of the 1930s, and is one of Norway's oldest campsites. Today, the campsite has a capacity of around 200 pitches, 8 modern apartments, 4 cabins of different sizes and five rooms.

We offer overnight accommodation in the form of camping and rental of units

Choose from our 8 apartments, 3 cabins and 5 single rooms that can be rented throughout the year, or choose a camping solution for a short-term stay or as a long-term seasonal guest.

Camping Egenes Camping currently consists of two camping areas which are divided up, each with its own purpose and customer group. We offer accommodation for motorhomes, caravans, tents and anyone else who wants a real camping experience. We have surfaces of grass, gravel and asphalt.Something for everyone. It is possible to connect to electricity on almost all of our motorhome/caravan pitches, as well as on our largest tent area. Activities in the camping area

We have two playgrounds with trampolines, swings, play stands and sandboxes and more.We have two sandy beaches on either side of the campsite that can be used by anyone who wishes. The water is called "Selura" is a lake of fresh water, which provides a pleasant and fresh bathing experience. We have kayaks, rowboats and canoes for hire that can be used by all our guests. Lifejackets and oars are issued upon hire. We have a minigolf facility consisting of 12 different courses with different obstacles. Clubs and balls can be rented at the reception. Croquet: We have a large gravel court that is fenced off. The hoops, starting and finishing pins are located on the pitch, while clubs and balls are rented at the reception. We have a sand volleyball court that can be used freely. We have a small football field with two goal posts and a gravel surface.

It is possible to walk several paths and marked tracks for those who like to walk in nature, forest and fields. Some mountain hikes in the area are Nulandsknaben, Møneheia and Simonskyrkja.

There are good fishing opportunities in the water that surrounds us. In order to fish legally, a fishing license must be purchased, which can be obtained at reception. Selura is rich in fish. The fish species in Selura are trout, eel and char.

Adress: Selandsvegen 31, 4400 Flekkefjord, Norway

Tel.: +47 383 20 148


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