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Biking along the North Sea Route

Oppdatert: 24. jan. 2023

Cycling along the North Sea Route offers unforgettable experiences. Cycle on asphalt and gravel roads. Through forests, over hills and open countryside. Feel the wind and the smell of salty sea. Here, it's not the slopes that take your breath away, but the nature experiences.

The North Sea Route by bike is a fantastic way to experience South-West Norway. The journey becomes an experience in itself and you get both mental and physical exercise.

“Norway's most spectacular rest area - in Jøssingfjord, Sokndal, you will find a rest area in the disused tunnel. Spectacular views and possibility of accommodation.”

The cycle route all the way from Kristiansand to Haugesund gives you the opportunity to go to the archipelago and fjords and to small towns and cities in scenic surroundings. Experiences and activities on the road You will find a large selection of activities along the itinerary. Here are experiences for the family, for the adventurous, for the nature lover and the culture enthusiast. Sea fishing, rafting, hiking, concerts, ballet and festivals, museums and swimming on vast white beaches are just some of the countless offers you will find on this itinerary. Shopping in the big city means a large selection and shopping in the small town means that you can get the special souvenirs and niche shops.


You can spend the night at a lighthouse, historic hotel, or perhaps you want to stay in a tent? All along the Nordsjøvegen you will find lovely small hotels, bed & breakfasts, cabin rentals and campsites, always beautifully located in scenic surroundings, or in a city center surrounded by characteristic architecture. We recommend that you book accommodation well in advance.


The culinary adventures are part of the whole experience. There are good restaurants with local delicacies and internationally inspired menus. Or you can choose the local variety; buy fresh prawns, loaf and mayonnaise and find a reef or a bench and look out to sea while you enjoy your meal.

Even the small towns - and perhaps especially them - have pleasant cafes and restaurants, and along the way the eateries will surprise you with something completely new.

A trip along the Nordsjøvegen by bike is an adventure that can be done in a couple of days, a week or a month.

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