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The battle of Hafrsfjord

Oppdatert: 12. des. 2022

There is no doubt that Hafrsfjord is a historic place. Most of the fjord is in Sola municipality.

Picture from Sola historielag

According to Snorre, the Battle of Hafrsfjord took place in 872 AD, probably outside Ytraberget in Sola municipality. Harald Fairhair, Norway’s first king, is credited with unifying Norway into one kingdom as a result of winning this legendary battle. There is a trail from Sørnesvågen out to the headland at Ytraberget, where there is also a hill fort.


Sola offers many beautiful walking areas. See or for more information.

Other activities

Sola has a rich outdoor recreation and cultural scene, with good sports and recreation facilities. There are golf courses, motorsport tracks, outdoor fitness facilities, skateboard parks, football pitches, baseball fields and lots more.

See for more information.

Eating out

Sola has a wide and excellent range of cafés and restaurants etc. We also recommend a visit to Sola Smaksfest festival, which is held every September, to experience the area’s local food culture.


Great shopping opportunities in Tananger, the centre of Sola and at Forus, everything from small specialist shops to large shopping centres.

What's on

A number of festivals, concerts and other cultural events are held in Sola each year. See for information or follow us on Facebook

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