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Large sand dunes and long sandy beaches. This is a very popular area for swimming and hanging out on fine summer days. Or maybe you would prefer to wrap up and feel the wrath of the weather gods on a stormy winter day?

Foto: Flemming Stene/Lukkertid


Flyhistorisk Museum (aviation museum) Jærmuseet museum’s collection in Sømmevågen provides a unique insight into Norwegian aviation history from WWII and up to the present. Here, you can see more than 30 historical planes, and various exhibitions in the old hangar built during World War II. A war history exhibition has recently opened in the Torpedo Workshop with emphasis on the local personal stories of those who experienced the war. The opening hours for both exhibitions can be found at

Flyplassvegen 131 Hangaren, Sola Sjø, tel.: +47 51 97 94 20

Foto: Flemming Stene

Coastal culture collection in Tananger The collection provides an insight into the history of Tananger and what life was like there in days of yore. It includes around 20 different boats from the 19th century, and objects linked to life on the sea and by the coast. The collection is housed in Melingsjøhuset, one of the oldest buildings in the municipality. It is situated in an idyllic location by the harbour, where there is a cafe where you can enjoy a waffle or pancake with a cup of coffee. More info and opening hours at Melingsiden 21, Tananger, tel.: +47 51 69 81 01.

Sola Ruin church was built on the ruins of a Medieval church dating from around 1120. The church was in use until around 1842, and later served as the home of artist Johan Jacob Bennetter (1822-1904) who lived there with his family from 1881 until his death in 1904. Much of the building was demolished during the war. The church was subsequently rebuilt, and its restoration was complete in 1995.

Open by arrangement with Sola culture house, tel: +47 51 65 34 80

Foto: Flemming Stene

Erling og Astrid standing stones Situated beside Sola Ruin Church, a standing stone was erected in 1934 in memory of Erling Skjalgsson (975-1028 AD). Erling Skjalgsson was the first person from Sola to be mentioned in written sources. The three words ‘arbeid, truskap og fridom’ (work, loyalty and freedom) have been carved into the stone to highlight Erling Skjalgsson’s values. A similar monument was erected in 2016 in memory of his wife Astrid Tryggvesdotter, sister of Olav Tryggvason.

The battle of Hafrsfjord According to Snorre, the Battle of Hafrsfjord took place in 872 AD, probably outside Ytraberget in Sola municipality. Harald Fairhair, Norway’s first king, is credited with unifying Norway into one kingdom as a result of winning this legendary battle. There is a trail from Sørnesvågen out to the headland at Ytraberget, where there is also a hill fort.

Beaches and swimming

Mile upon mile of beautiful, long sandy beaches and large sand dunes await you in Sola.The terrain is perfect for walks – in summer and winter alike. Whether you want to swim, sunbathe, surf or perhaps feel the force of nature on a stormy winter day, the beaches are very popular all year round. The best known are Solastranden, Hellestø, Vigdelstranden and Ølberstranden. Most are easy to find and have their own car park.


Sola offers many beautiful walking areas. See or for more information.

Other activities

Sola has a rich outdoor recreation and cultural scene, with good sports and recreation facilities. There are golf courses, motorsport tracks, outdoor fitness facilities, skateboard parks, football pitches, baseball fields and lots more. See for more information.

Eating out

Sola has a wide and excellent range of cafés and restaurants etc. We also recommend a visit to Sola Smaksfest festival, which is held every September, to experience the area’s local food culture.


Great shopping opportunities in Tananger, the centre of Sola and at Forus, everything from small specialist shops to large shopping centres.

What´s on

A number of festivals, concerts and other cultural events are held in Sola each year. See for information or follow us on Facebook

Tourist Information Rådhusvegen 21, 4050 Sola Tel.: +47 51 65 33 00 Open Mon. - Fri. 08 - 15.30

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