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Recommended trip no.1
North Sea Route and Suleskar Road

Kristiansand - North Sea Road - Sandnes - Ålgård - Byrkjedal - Tjørhom - Suleskarvegen - Brokke - Bygland - Evje - Kristiansand.

Duration approx. (recommended time). 5-7 days.

Total approx. 649 km

North Sea Road

Here they lie, the villages and towns along the South West coast, just as they have done for hundreds of years. At times it can seem as if time has stood still and that these small places along the coast have not discovered the persistent development that otherwise rages around the world.


White-painted wooden houses, colorful boat piers and sea arches, farms and village centers all along the coast. It is a characteristic architecture found along the coast of southern Norway, and the coastal culture with its traditions goes back several hundred years and is still prevalent in many places in today's many coastal communities.


And here you can find most of what you could want from a holiday. Shopping in cozy niche shops, narrow pedestrian streets, small cafés and restaurants, hotels with a distinctive character, nature that stretches from kilometers of beaches to ancient forests, mountain peaks and cultural landscapes, festivals, concerts, theater and ballet.


The experiences lie like pearls along the entire itinerary, for both adults and children. One tip is to take some time, and make many stops, mostly because the nature is so overwhelmingly beautiful. Nordsjøvegen leads you on a journey through wonderful diversity, and an exciting part of Norway.


Start your trip in Kristiansand and follow 456, direction Vågsbygd. Follow Fv44, Nordsjøvegen to Sandnes. See travel description of the North Sea Road. When arriving at Sandnes, follow the E39 to Ålgård and take off to Sirdal, Rv45 and up Suleskarvegen to Rysstad in Telemark. Here, an Rv9 runs down to Bygland and along Byglandsfjorden to Evje and on to Kristiansand.

Sirdal / Suleskarvegen

Nature awaits. Wild reindeer, climbing mountains, Norway's most beautiful motorcycle road and 5,000 sheep in the way. ​


In summer, the varied terrain in Sirdal is a great base for hikers. Stavanger tourist association has 1,000 kilometers of marked trails and more than 40 cabins in Sirdal and the surrounding mountain areas, so here you can go from cabin to cabin or just take a lazy walk around the cabin wall.


If you follow the path from Øygardstøl near Sirdal, you will come to Kjeragbolten – a large rock that is sandwiched between two vertical rock faces of more than 1,000 metres. Are you brave enough to be photographed on the bolt itself? If you would rather climb, there are more than 100 bolted routes in Sirdal. The largest climbing areas are in Hunnedalen, Liland and Sirekrok.


Here, both beginners and experienced sport climbers can climb and rock until the pump takes them. Sirdal is the southern gateway to the wild and beautiful Lysefjord, with the narrow Suleskarvegen as an adventurous start to the journey into Fjord Norway.


The Suleskarvegen winds from Rogaland in the west, over the mountain through the Agder county and on to Telemark - from a lively urban environment to chaotic culture and wonderful high mountain nature. Suleskarvegen is open in summer and has its highest point at 1,050 m.a.s.l. Here there is also often snow and high plow edges in the middle of summer.


From Suleskar it is a short drive to Lysebotn and the 27 hairpin bends. Here is also the car park for those who want to go to Kjerag. Suleskarvegen invites you to take life in stride, stop and look around.


ATTENTION: Suleskarvegen is closed for winter 6.11 - 20.5.

Accommodation and activities along the route

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