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Idyllic atmosphere of Southern Norway out at the ocean’s edge


Kvitsøy is located out at the ocean’s edge. Windswept and prone to harsh weather on the western side facing the sea, but pleasant and idyllic where people live. The ferry out to the island takes 35 minutes from Mekjarvik in Randaberg. You can easily get around the main islands on a bike. If you cycle along the road all the way to Leiasundet, you can make a detour on foot to see the four-metre high stone cross that bears witness to holy ground. The ruins of a small stone church from the 12th century are also found here.

On the way from Leiasundet to Ydstebøhavn, you will pass Kvitsøy old wooden church from the 17th century, in a lovely lofty location and well worth a visit. Park your bike in Ydstebøhavn and wander around the pretty harbour area. At the end of the road there is a fish landing facility and the lobster museum, which is open at weekends during the summer season. You should take a trip up to Kvitsøy Lighthouse whatever the season, with views of the 365 islets and skerries in Kvitsøy. From here, there is a waymarked path to the western side of the island. Out at the ocean’s edge, the rugged terrain bears witness to the rough conditions that can occur here. Don’t walk further than indicated by the signs on days with bad weather. The path continues towards the north in safe surroundings on grazing land, at a safe distance from the, at times, unpredictable waves. You can visit two bunkers from World War II before the path takes you down past a farm cluster in Håland. And then, follow the road back to the lighthouse.

Kvitsøy is home to a teeming fauna. Many species of birds nest in Kvitsøy municipality, and in particular on the island Eime. From 15 April to 1 August, people are banned from going ashore and visiting the island and from being within 50 metres of the island. Kvitsøy is also a popular destination for bird watchers. The group of islands attract many migratory birds, which use it as a stop-over on their way to far-off places.


Bathing spots. Adapted bathing spots in Sandrenna by the ferry quay and Grøningen just before the Lobster Museum. You can also borrow a canoe for free.

Walking areas. There are several adapted walking trails and lovely walking areas in Kvitsøy.

Paddling. Kvitsøy’s 365 islands, islets and skerries welcome you to first-class paddling experiences. Here, both experienced and inexperienced paddlers can try their hand at different challenges. Get your groceries at Coop Prix Kvitsøy, which is open from 8.00 to 21.00 on weekdays and from 9.00 to 18.00 on Saturdays.

Bike rides. Kvitsøy is ideal for cycling, especially for families with small children. There are short distances, few hills and beautiful nature.

• Visit the lighthouse or the lobster museum

• Take a walk to one of the many bunkers from WWII.

• Enjoy beach life in Sandrenna or in Grøningen

• See Kvitsøy from the lighthouse or from the viewing platform at Kvitsøy Trafikksentral

Other activities. Worth seeing: Kvitsøy Lighthouse, the Lobster Museum, Kvitsøy Church and the stone cross.

If you would like a guide to show you around the Lobster Museum, the lighthouse or the church, you can contact Rolf Skretting who offers group tours, min. 10 people. Tel. (+47) 977 25 677.

Eating out

During the summer you can visit the restaurant at Ydstebøhavn harbour.

Lobster weekend. Identity, common culture and history are important elements of the lobster weekend. It takes place from Thursday to Sunday on a weekend at the end of October. The Lobster Museum is a meeting place during the lobster season and disseminates the island’s culture across age groups and affiliation. Each lobster weekend has a different focus and topic through lectures, cultural expression, concerts, exhibitions, plays, food, storytelling evenings and dissemination of research on lobsters and lobster biology.


Park your camper van next to Vollsøy quay, where the ferry docks. Here you can park beside the sea and you can connect to the power supply.

You can find tent pitches in the outdoor recreation areas Sandrenna and Grøningen. Both places have barbecues, barbecue huts, beaches and toilets that are open during the season.

In addition apartments, warehouses and boathouses. See the municipality’s website for more information, or see

Tourist information

Kommunehusveien 6, 4180 Kvitsøy

Tlf.: + 47 51 73 63 00

Open Mon. - Fri. 09.00 - 14.30

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