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Små Øyeblikk coffe bar

Oppdatert: 8. des. 2022

- The meeting place in the green village

Små Øyeblikk coffee bar.

We, Monica & Arnstein, enjoy life and are coffee bar owners in the middle of the green village. In February 2021, we renovated and expanded the premises.

This summer we got a large, beautiful outdoor dining area in place.

Our concept is 3-part

- Coffee, tea and food

- Gifts & interiors

- Events and experiences

We belive in short- traveled goods, home-made simple, healthy good food. Fairtrade products, unique gifts and that you can have your best experience with us both during the day or at one of our many evenings event!

Knitting café, bubble Wednesday with music bingo, concert and much more.

Opening hours:

Monday - Tuesday 10 - 17

Wednesday to Friday 10 - 19

Saturday 10 - 18

Sunday 13 - 19


Tlf. +47 51 41 80 85

Randabergveien 378

4070 Randaberg

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