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Nasjonalt villakssenter Kvåsfossen

The wild salmon`s own centre

- the wild salmon are part of our history and culture

Several thousand-year-old Petroglyphs from the Stone Age show that our ancestors caught and ate salmon. Today, over a hundred thousand salmon lovers fish for salmon in one of our 400 small and large salmon rivers.

If you want to learn more about wild salmon, you've come to the right place. Guiding and children`s activity every day in the high season. Everything we know about salmon we have learned from fishermen and scientists. We look forward to telling you the wonderful story of the wild salmon.

Learn more about wild salmon

- we`ll show you how

Tickets, prices and opening times can be found here:

We also welcome groups. Read more here:

You`ll find us here:

Nasjonalt Villakssenter Kvåsfossen

Kvåsveien 1500, 4588 Kvås - Lyngdal

Tlf. +47 915 10 164

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